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I have never believed that destiny creates us; it is us that create our own destiny. Success comes with one single decision- the decision to reach for that goal no matter what and not give-up under all circumstances. Success is a decision to interpret failure as progress towards achievement.

Read the story below to know more about reaching success.


Harland, a man who has always spent all his life in a hurry lost his father at the age of five. He dropped out of Greenwood School and tried to hit the road at the age 14. Just like other kids, he tried odd jobs as a farm hand and later as a streetcar conductor. But the later on he quits. At 16, he lied about his age and joined the army. However, he saw that all these things did not work for him after all.

He became a railroad locomotive fireman in the southern railway and enjoyed the job longer than usual, but quit anyway. He got married at an early age of 18. And within a few months, on the same day he was fired from his job, his wife got pregnant and eventually left him. Then that’s the start of his great depression.

Loser. That’s what he always thinks of himself. However, he tried to do almost everything, but nothing worked out right for him such as selling insurance and tires, running a gas station and driving a ferry boat. He still remained upright and honest amidst his misery. Until one afternoon as he lay on the grass, he intended to kidnap a little girl. He was looking out for his kid to walk out of her grandmother’s house. What he has in mind is to snatch his own daughter from his former wife. For several hours of waiting, there was still no sign of the girl. And once again, he failed even on this. Yet somehow, just when he gave up everything about his family, his wife and daughter came back to his life.

A needy old man at 65, Harland felt more worthless when he received his first Social Security check for $105. The tables turned when he decided to start a new business. Remembering an old family recipe, he then immediately searched for restaurant owners who were willing to take in his recipe. Then again, he received no for an answer. One thousand and seven times, he was being rejected.

Finally, as he approached the 1008th restaurant owner, he agreed to his proposal. This was what paved the way for Kentucky Fried Chicken, a business that boomed to be valued at $ 2,000, 000 nine years after Harland’s purchase.

Colonel Harland Sanders, the man who would have been a kidnapper and who was a loser all his life. This name has been published in the books all over the world focusing on Sander’s fighting spirit despite his age. A lot of business writers tell his story to inspire perseverance and hard work.

Nevertheless, what if that little girl did come out and play? What crime would he have been committed? The assumptions are too many.


These kinds of stories are indeed something to behold when we want the same results in our lives. Inspirational stories of success and perseverance can indeed move us and motivate us to go on despite the hard struggles.

However, not all of us have the convenience of reading and going through short stories of success. That is why we give you success quotes to perk you up when you feel like giving- up. Success quotes are indeed very helpful to remind you that you can indeed achieve everything when you put your mind to it.

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