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An app with information about traditional Indian Weddings. Here you can find the most beautiful Indian Wedding Dresses.

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What You Should Wear In An Indian Wedding

When you are invited to an Indian wedding, you have to make sure that you are wearing an appropriate clothes. You see, going to an Indian wedding is an intimate occasion, and you wouldn’t want to be out place and over-dressed.

Here are some information you need to know when going to an Indian wedding.

The first thing you need to know is the three main types of Indian clothing that is worn by women during the different events of Indian weddings, these are the Salwar Kameez, the Saree and the Lehenga. When these outfit are a stranger to you, don’t fret, here are a small explanation about them.

The Lehenga is a long skirt accompanied by a color-coordinated blouse and a long scarf called, dupatta or odni. These are ideal for younger women and they usually wear these because the blouses are elaborately designed. The dupatta is used to cover some of the belly, while still exposing the decorative detail of the blouse.

The Saree or Sari is probably the most elegant, however, there is a price to pay for its elegance because it is very difficult to wear in all Indian clothing. The length of the Saree differs from seven to nine meters with different styles of draping. Moreover, in all different regions in India the drapes of the Sarees differ. The Saree blouse typically is less elaborate than that of the lehenga because most of it is usually covered. Nevertheless, Saree blouses are known for being very versatile in designs, necklines and backlines.

On the other hand, the Salwar Kamees, is the most popular of all because they fit any types of bodies and they are very easy to wear. The Kameez or the long tunic is worn with looser tight- fitting pants, known as the churidars. A Salwar Kameez can be worn without a dupatta, however, more often than not, women always opt to their Salwar Kameez with a dupatta.

The Indian weddings are usually consists of Mehendi Night, Garba Night, Sangeet Night and the traditional wedding and reception ceremony.

In the Mehendi Night is the eve where henna is applied to the hand of the women. In this event, the women wear a Salwar Kamees in shades of reds, oranges and yellow. The Salwar Kameez that is too elaborate in design and extremely embellished is suitable for this night. This is an intimate night for the groom and the bride’s family, so do not think too much of dressing too formal. In this occasion, you can wear a dress pants and a blouse. However, be sure to avoid short skirt or a skimpy dress because you will be sitting on the floor during this event.

For the gentlemen, it is appropriate to wear a nice pair of pants and a button up. Indian attire is not required in this event. However, keep in mind that jeans are not allowed in these occasion.

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