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Wearing a perfect smile with white sparkling teeth is what everyone wishes to have. But it would be very costly if it is always done with a dentist. However, some kitchen ingredients that are affordable can be best alternatives to try. Here are some of the top home remedies for whitening teeth. Among these are the following:

1). Citric acid in lemon juice cleans the enamel. Also by applying liquid bleach on your teeth and brush them with lemon juice. It is also best to alternatively rub the inner rind of the lemon on your teeth. Though it takes time for results to appear, but definitely, it will change the color of your teeth.

2). Adding a normal table salt to the orange peel, by carefully and gently rubbing of orange peels all over the teeth can make your teeth whiten.

3). The acetic acid contents of the apple cider vinegar and white vinegar. Everyday brushing of teeth with little vinegar will make your teeth appear whiter due to the acid that helps remove the stains from your teeth.

4). Hydrogen peroxide and a paste of baking soda is known to act as a bleaching agent and the baking soda consists of granules that have coarse properties. A mixture of these two serves as an effective teeth whitener. Using hydrogen peroxide only by brushing your teeth everyday with the powder.

5). A mixture of table salt and water is another effective solution for teeth whitening. As an alternative for water you can use lemon juice to make a paste. The effect of coarse action of the salt and the lemon is found to be very effective bleaching agent and as a natural whitener of the teeth. However, rubbing of table salt might cause allergic reaction to some people which results to swollen and bleeding gums. It is advised to take precautionary measures in using this solution.

6). Rubbing of  a powdered orange peels and dried bay leaves over your teeth and dampened with some water, keeps your teeth away from any dental problems as well as helps whiten your teeth.

7). Another remedy found to be effective to whiten teeth is by rubbing walnut tree bark on your teeth. This helps remove the yellow layer on the teeth and cause no side effects.

8). Strawberries are also known to be another good source of teeth whitening. This can help remove the stains too.

Aside from all these chemical solutions to help whiten the teeth, however, natural remedy such as smoking and the eating of certain foods and drinks will speed up the discoloration process. Tooth whitening only works on natural teeth. Avoiding certain foods and drinks such as alcohol, tea and coffee. Changing of eating habits in some way, home remedies for teeth whitening will be more effective. Drinking lots of water will reduce stain and promote healthy gums. It steers you away also from drinking colored drinks that can cause stain on your teeth.

Therefore, keep lists of these cheap and effective teeth whitening solutions that can be found in the four corners of your kitchen. This will help you save hundreds of dollars you have to pay your dentists or buy expensive medicines they prescribed.

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